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By Gary Kemp

Gary Kemp offers a penetrating research of key matters within the philosophy of language, by way of a comparative research of 2 nice figures of overdue twentieth-century philosophy. as far as language and that means are involved, Willard Van Orman Quine and Donald Davidson are typically considered as birds of a feather. the 2 disagreed in print on a variety of concerns through the years, yet essentially they appear to have the same opinion; such a lot strikingly, Davidson's suggestion test of Radical Interpretation seems to be a extra subtle, technically polished model of Quinean Radical Translation. but Quine's most elementary and normal philosophical dedication is to his methodological naturalism, that is eventually incompatible with Davidson's major commitments. particularly, it really is most unlikely to advise, from Quine's viewpoint, the jobs performed by way of the strategies of truth and reference in Davidson's philosophy of language: Davidson's employment of the concept that of fact is from Quine's standpoint needlessly adventurous, and his use of the idea that of reference can't be divorced from unscientific 'intuition'. From Davidson's perspective, Quine's place seems needlessly scientistic, and turns out ignorant of the real difficulties of language and that means. Gary Kemp bargains a strong argument for Quine's place, and in favour of methodological naturalism and its corollary, naturalized epistemology. it's attainable to provide a constant and explanatory account of language and that means with no tricky makes use of of the suggestions fact and reference, which in flip makes a strident naturalism even more plausible.

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