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Inhaltsverzeichnis/ desk of Contents*** Abhandlungen/ Articles*** Werner SAUER: Die Einheit der Intentionalitätskonzeption bei Brentano *** Tanja PIHLAR: Zur Th eorie der Vorstellungsproduktion ("Grazer" Gestalttheorie I: France Weber)*** Thane Martin NABERHAUS: Does Husserl Have a controversy opposed to Representationalism?*** Torsten WILHOLT: misplaced at the method from Frege to Carnap: How the Philosophy of technology Forgot the Applicability Problem*** John PRESTON: Janik on Hertz and the Early Wittgenstein*** Friedrich Christoph DOERGE: Re-Definition and Alston's 'Illocutionary Acts'*** Michael VEBER: now not too Proud to Beg (the Question): Why Inferentialism can't Account for the A Priori*** Anthony Robert sales space: Can there Be Epistemic purposes for Action?*** Achim LOHMAR: Why content material Relativism doesn't mean truth Relativism*** Stephen HETHERINGTON: So-Far Incompatibilism and the So-Far final result Argument*** Christoph JÄGER & Anne BARTSCH: Meta-Emotions*** Diskussionen/ Discussions*** William H. HANSON: the anomaly of Nonbeing*** Dan LÓPEZ DE SA: versatile estate Designators*** Buchnotizen/Critical Notes*** Alfred NORDMANN: Wittgenstein's Tractatus: An Introduction.*** Cambridge: Cambridge college Press, 2005 (Marie McGINN)*** Severin SCHROEDER: Wittgenstein: the way in which Out of the Fly-Bottle. Cambridge: Polity, 2006 (Brian ARMSTRONG)*** Willem A. deVRIES: Wilfrid Sellars. Chesham: Acumen, 2005 (Johannes HAAG)*** Geert KEIL and Udo TIETZ (eds.): Phänomenologie und Sprachanalyse. Mentis: Paderborn, 2006 (Paul LIVINGSTON)*** Wolfgang HUEMER: The structure of attention: A research in Analytic Phenomenology. big apple: Routledge, 2005 (David R. CERBONE)*** Fabrice CORREIA: Existential Dependence and Cognate Notions. München: Philosophia Verlag, 2005 (E. Jonathan LOWE)*** Albert CASULLO: A Priori Justification. big apple: Oxford collage Press, 2003 (Martin GRAJNER)*** R. Jay WALLACE, Philip PETTIT, Samuel SCHEFFLER, and Michael SMITH (eds.): cause and cost. subject matters fr

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