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By Susan Stewart

Winner of the 2003 nationwide ebook Critics Circle Award within the type of poetry.

In her long-awaited fourth booklet of poetry, Susan Stewart supplies us a chain of most suitable, numinous poems approximately truths realized with the brain yet let loose throughout the senses. Modeled at the seventeenth-century perform of century varieties, or books of 1 hundred pages, Columbarium expresses the bond among the dwelling and the useless in voices of mother or father to baby, lover to loved, and mortal to the gods. The publication arrives as a meditative present from one in all our most dear poet-critics.

Stewart frames her Columbarium with 4 poems reminiscent of the elements-to their damaging and inventive facets and to their roles within the human and greater than human worlds. either nest and crypt, the book's middle holds an alphabet of "shadow georgics," poems of guide and doubt that hyperlink wisdom and the subconscious. Questions of mortality, of goodness and anguish, and of the fragility and tool of reminiscence animate those poems. in a single poem an apple calls the narrator again from the lifeless to get pleasure from the echoes of its forms in fantasy and literature. In one other, the seeds of a pear tree exhibit the fundamental solidarity that makes the variety of life possible.

Stewart's Columbarium is either a memorial to the lifeless and a testomony to life.

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Dirt rolls cells and crumbs and lint and binds them free with hair. Amber hardens round the spider, the bones soften into the peat. The soil lies opened to the gaze of the heavens like a reminiscence uncovered to gentle. Vase, clay lamp, and silver spoon, operating unfastened, come glinting as shards to the skin. Went all the way down to the shore the place the seashore was once not easy, went correct to the sting of the inhabited global, outfitted a ditch and a fort, a minaret, a draw-bridge, shaping heads and limbs from the sugary sand. Then fast-flung, crashed, a unmarried wave erasing, even though each grain of sand is still. This was once the one international, the realm the place we woke up, the place the sky gods carry one deal with of the plow and the gods of the lifeless carry the opposite. The brown gods rose from the dust and the ponds, and crept alongside the trails and had no names. after which the gods hid in gypsum fought opposed to the fathers, emerging up in fury, inconsolable. while the wars of heaven ended, sky held dominion, dominion over all lower than. Deep the place the cold ghosts gather, on the nonetheless base of the revolving international, the lady taken care of seeds within the lap of her apron, letting each count number as a month, letting 3 count number as a season, asserting six will count number as the darkness and 6 will count number because the gentle. She sang to herself, sang the complete day via, knotting earrings and necklaces from coarsest blades of grass. She sang a strolling tune and dreamed, her corduroy blanket deserted to fray and lint for the birds to weave. search for her, lie alongside the meadow; you could pay attention the hum of the stalks and leaves, the complete buzz so not like a shell’s hole roar. Lie alongside the sphere and suppose the mineral chilly, bone-chilling deep lower than the heat of the loam. Lie within the lifeless leaves and don't make a valid and love will reduce furrows within the soil of grief. This was once the one international: nice scar, worn away by way of reverence and damage. Permanence out of which all issues that perish upward push; permanence within which every one enduring factor will perish. now not the earth surrendered or asunder. no longer the earth itself, yet tenderness. Flown from the iteration of water a breath flew around the water, a breath, a thread, of residing hearth that stretched around the floor of the water and the water moved in time, oblivious, chilly as a replicate, chilly as time itself that mirrors purely water, mirroring water simply as water coldly mirrors sky— what i do know concerning the water is written within the water, what the water is is written within the water, the weft of water is woven within the water however the thread of residing hearth can't be woven; every thing falls, every little thing shedding down from the place it got here, a drop oozing from a leaf, a pear-shaped bead, a pendant then pulled up right into a sphere, an egg, a sphere, then pear back, elastic, pulled, then a pause prior to the pause, the comedian plop splashed at the stone— glance and pay attention and you'll lose the opposite, the following drop starting that might put on this one away, because the drops put on, invisibly, the stone again into water— jug and cup in items within the rain, kettle within the rain, leaking rain; take the bucket to the springhouse, cross contained in the mossy silence, dip your arm to the elbow and push opposed to the thickness, going deeper into water, black into the darkness, the resource of water ready there, a long way underneath the water and the water black as coal, black as any earth-mined factor; then carry it to the sunlight and it'll transparent back, transparent within the transparent glass, invisible over palms, a blessing falling, a hanging happiness, blessed nothingness that not anything doesn't want, and you'll learn how to locate the resource of the water, how thirst comes ahead of the hunt for the resource and looking out is a thirst that can’t be slaked— you have been made of water and also you are made up of water and attracted to it as definitely because the forked stick of the dowser to dissolve like soreness or reminiscence, to dissolve stirred and drifting, to vanish into the shape of what was once regularly ready, put out of your mind what stood as dread or care there within the distance; leisure your head, unthinking at the water’s lifted palm, relaxation your head and your whole limbs will go with the flow like risen weeds— most pretty of all issues, of all issues on this planet, is mild solid up in movement from the skin of the water, most lovely of dancing issues, the sunshine forged at the bridges, the sunshine solid at the bow, and at the napping faces, dancing mild from water glancing, wavering, like a voice the place voice is lifted without notice out of the heft of phrases— what i will write of water melts within the gentle of sunshine on water, the water given, giving, can't be held in time; rain using down opposed to the bridge, riding all evening with no purpose, erasing the hearts and letters scrawled around the blocks of stone—declarations of affection and strife, long gone within the morning gentle; a white web page floats at the floor of the river, stuck in a muddle of branches that flooded down from summer season storms— water that includes the reminiscence of mountains into the sea’s forgetting, water that starts off below shadblow and redwood and swirls below willows within the swollen meadows, washing up a seed or carp, bloated on treeless sands, a message in a bottle remains within the bottle and the bottle remains lodged among branches of coral; distich sewing of oars, trap and slap and ripple, S, letter of rivers, sound is going surer the deeper it descends, a ways underneath the skin, the invisible destroy, whereas the nice logs bob throughout the dermis; snow at the sea melts into the ocean and snow at the river melts into the river till the river gathers into ice lower than snow, its freezing equation of loss and achieve and movement hidden from view, aspect buoying and resistant, aspect such a lot flattering to mistakes, aspect lethal to fools and self-deceivers: raise your head and you may drown— the water drags you down via the knees, drags you with its invisible internet, and pulls you lower than into the minute the place your lifestyles unreels its series of goals: you have been born within the month of water and born from the water’s hands and carried around the ford to the fountain made from nails and baptized there in tears the place the blue washed over the home windows— kingdom of salt and bitterness, tide of wasted wrack and goads, the garments strewn at the seashore like shells, empty as any vacancy; reason is as far-off as snow within the mountains the place snow is the reason for all issues— one evening particularly, evening sopping wet and steaming, a moonless evening in the street of the defense force, the e-book of hell lay within the gutter, the pages oozing, the black print blurred again into pulpy weight; I wrapped it in my coat and carried it to my room and laid it, backbone up, at the vent the place it steamed just like the soggy diaper of a long-neglected baby, the pages stiffened except one another and will now not be became back: angels and thieves and warriors and liars fans and readers silent of their chambers circulation from the circus of the useless parade of blackboards and robes silence within the wooden and fiercest sunlight glinting from the outside of the ocean lengthy nights underneath the drumming roof afternoons pressed via the burden of the water the clothesline collapsed, the sheets within the dust and at morning the dew unfold like stardust at the grass— the place is the water of the sopping weight, the water shed in the meanwhile of the cry?

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